Important Contract Information

An energy contract has two parts: the Product Sheet and the Standard Terms and Conditions. If you are unclear about any of the details in your contract, contact your energy marketer for an explanation.

Product sheet

The Product Sheet describes the energy products and services you are purchasing from an energy marketer.


  • The price you will pay for each unit of energy.
  • The length of time the contract will be in effect.  
  • The special terms and conditions that are unique to your energy marketer’s product offering.
  • The energy marketer’s customer service contact information.

Standard terms and conditions

This section of the contract outlines the standard rights and responsibilities you and your energy marketer have to each other.


  • If a deposit is required, how it will be calculated, when you will be notified about the amount and under what conditions it will be refunded.
  • How to end your energy contract.
  • The early exit fee that you may be required to pay if you cancel the contract before the end of term. Early exit fees can vary considerably by product, so take the time to understand how the fee is calculated.
  • What happens to your contract if you move.

Frequently asked questions

In Alberta, you have options for how you buy electricity and natural gas. You can sign a contract with an energy marketer at an agreed contract price or you can choose not to sign a contract and buy energy at the regulated rate. 

Competitive natural gas contracts are not available to consumers served by a Rural Gas Co-operative or by a municipally owned gas utility that has been granted the exclusive right to serve consumers in that territory.

How am I buying electricity and natural gas today?

If you currently receive electricity or natural gas and have not entered into a contract for those services, you are purchasing energy at the regulated rate.

What is the regulated rate?

The regulated rate is the unit price of electricity or natural gas set by the Alberta Utilities Commission, municipal councils, rural electrification associations (REA) or other local regulatory bodies. The regulated rate changes  monthly and is different depending on where in Alberta you live.

What is an energy contract?

An energy contract is a legal agreement between you and a licensed energy marketer. It states the price you will pay for energy and the terms and conditions of your energy purchase.

What is an competitive energy retailer?

An energy marketer is an independent electricity or natural gas marketing company whose prices are not regulated by any provincial or municipal government, REA or agency. These companies are licensed by the Government of Alberta, but are not affiliated with government. Any rebates or special offers made to encourage you to sign a contract are not part of any government program.

What changes if I sign an energy contract?

  • You will pay an agreed contract price for the energy you use for the term of your contract.
  • You will receive your contracted energy from the energy marketer on the date specified in your contract. Your current energy provider will be notified of this change and will automatically stop billing you.
  • Your competitive energy retailer may charge an early exit fee if you cancel your energy contract before the expiry date.
  • You will receive your bill from your new energy marketer.
  • Your new competitive energy retailer will provide customer service for the products and services you purchase and will help you with questions about your bills.

What stays the same if I sign an energy contract?

  • Your new bill will continue to include charges for energy, delivery, administration and taxes.
  • You will continue to pay delivery charges to a distribution company for delivering energy to your home or business.  Delivery charges are regulated and are the same no matter which energy marketer you choose or if you remain on the regulated rate.

Your cancellation rights

You can cancel your contract for any reason within 10 calendar days from when the marketer receives a signed copy. A consumer who commits to a contract over the telephone may cancel the contract up to 60 days after the first billing statement is received from the new marketer.

To cancel an energy contract, you must send a notice to your energy marketer using the contact information listed on the Product Sheet. It is a good idea to ask the energy marketer for a confirmation number or letter to confirm that they have received your cancellation notice.

For more information

Contact your energy marketer with questions about your energy contract.

Contact the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate for a list of licensed retailers or for more information about your options for buying electricity or natural gas.

Toll-free in Alberta: 310-4-UCA (310-4822)

Contact the Service Alberta Contact Centre if you feel you have been treated unfairly or would like more information about the Energy Marketing and Residential Sub-Metering Regulation. You may also request a copy of the tipsheet Electricity and Natural Gas Contracts.

Edmonton: (780) 427-4088
Toll-free in Alberta: 1-877-427-4088

Take the time to carefully read all the information printed on this folder. The Government of Alberta, energy marketers and interested consumer groups have worked together to bring this important information to you.